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A Nordic Based Artist´s Collective

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We are Hehku - a Nordic ensemble and artist´s collective focusing on early and contemporary repertoire.

The name Hehku derives from Finnish and means "glow", "gleaming" and "aflame", which mirrors the purpose of the ensemble; creating musical experiences colored by spark, light and vitality. 

Starting January 2023, Hehku will be Artist in Residence in the Copenhagen Music House

Hehku´s members are Aliisa Neige Barriére (conductor/violin), Christina af Klinteberg Herresthal (mezzo soprano), Isabelle Bania (violin/viola), Michael Grolid (viola), Theodor Lyngstad (cello), Kaja Marie Andersen (flute) og Claire Moncharmont (harp).

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Concert for Per Nørgård for his 90th birthday

Concert for Per Nørgård for his 90th birthday

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